Friday, April 26, 2013

Learn Shapes by Emplementation

This app was inspired by my nieces, nephews, friends and families who recently became parents. I’ve tried ALL of the shape learning apps available in the Apple App Store. None of them impressed me at all. With close to one billion apps in the app store today, I was ashamed as an app developer that the quality in the kids and education section in basic shapes and colors learning. 

Throughout the development of this game, I’ve worked with many of my champ toddler testers and tried to come up with the best experience for them.

Learn Shapes is made with your child in mind. Therefore, I've paid special attention on child privacy. There a child lock in placed for the parent to unlock in order to access social capabilities, other than that the entire app is child proof. No ads, No user behavior tracking, no in app purchases. This give you a peace of mind knowing it is safe and secure.

Privacy Policy for more details

Let's learn with Learn Shapes :)

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