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Learn Shapes
A fun interactive and educational kid’s game



Release Date:
March 22, 2013


USD $2.99






Learn Shapes is a children’s app designed to teach them shapes and colors. It is the only iOS app that teaches children shapes and colors that utilizes so many wonderful and fun elements. Fourteen shapes, seven colors and three languages, make Learn Shapes the most exciting and fun application of its kind. Optimized for the iPad, taking advantage of the HD display, this app works great on the iPhone as well.

Children learn to recognize shapes and bright colors, all backed by fun children friendly music. The app has a restricted parental area, making security simple and easy. The app can be used in multiple languages (English, Japanese, Chinese-Mandarin).

The game starts with 4 simple shapes and as the child learns, the game progresses to new levels, each one adding a new challenge and a new lesson.

The app pays special attention to privacy and keeps the best suitable environment for children. Therefore, there are no in-app purchases, no user behavior tracking, no unwanted advertisements and it’s 100% child-proof except for the child lock, a number password lock which can only be unlocked by an adult.

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  • "Studies have shown that games like Learn Shapes that specialize in providing a parents-free approach allow children to learn more through inference instead of direct instruction." ~ 

  • "Learn Shapes is made with your child in mind... the entire app is child proof." ~  

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